• CCLS

    ccls Septic Tank and Cesspool Additive maintains your septic system, including your tanks, plumbing lines, drains, traps and odor control. Is used in both residential and commercial application. ccls contains natural bacteria and enzymes to biologically break down organic buildup and is biodegradable. ccls is non-toxic, non-combustible and non-corrosive. Apply 8 oz ccls weekly in toilet bowl, tub, or sink drain, it is also safe for garbage disposals to prevent buildup and odor. CCLS bacterial treatment.  Picture is of the quart size bottle.  We sell these in 1 year supplies (6 quarts) or 2 year supplies (12 bottles).  Also used as heavy duty treatments poured directly in the tank during service in conjunction with the Septic-Scrub
  • Poly Lock Plastic Cover

    The PolylokHeavy Duty Grate lid fits inside diameter single wall and double wall corrugated pipe. This cover is perfect for high foot traffic installations! This lid is flat and includes a skid resistant surface. Every cover comes with a factory-installed gasket to ensure an airtight and watertight seal! Poly lock plastic cover.  (this comes in two sizes:  18 and 24).  We do offer steel bolted covers and concrete covers as special order items
  • 1 gallon - Oxygen-based foaming porosity restorer and cleaner. Frequently used on seasonal rentals. Non-aid, non-caustic formulation.
  • Yearly Service Contract

    From: $17.15 / month
    *Additional Expose and Locate cover charges may apply


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