Services We Provide

“We strongly encourage customers to be present, especially if it is the first time Pump Grump has serviced their system.”

Initial Observation

  • When the cover to the tank is removed, the technician observes the tank’s level to see if it is at its proper “working level.”


  • The top layer of septic in your tank is called scum and solids. This top layer is roughly measured when the hose is inserted for pumping.
  • All contents of the tank (solids, scum, effluent and sludge) will be pumped out.
  • A garden hose is requested at each service. It is used to rinse off tools and to run water into the hoses to prevent septic spillage on the customer’s lawn or driveway.

Final Assessment

  • Once the tank is clean, a mirror and a flashlight are used to check the inlet and outlet tees to be sure all components are in place.
  • If the tank level was low upon initial inspection, the technician will check for tank leakage.
  • The customer will be asked to flush a toilet to be sure the main line is clear and water reaches the tank.