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Zable Filter

The Zable filter is inserted into the outlet tee to prevent small particles from reaching the leach field. It is suggested the Zable filter be cleaned annually.

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Pump Grump recommends ccls®, a bacterial additive that helps maintain septic systems. The product is manufactured by Cape Cod Biochemical. If you are interested in learning more about the product and its contents, please visit the manufacturer’s website at The article “You Are What You Eat” provides an explanation of how ccls® works.

ccls® is USDA approved and is completely safe to store and use in the home, and it won’t harm animals or humans when used according to directions. Check out some of its’ uses:

If septic tanks are not properly maintained, they will fill up with solids, clog the soil absorption areas, contaminate the soil and become health hazards and a burdensome expense. Applying ccls® septic tank treatment will help to maintain bacterial balance. Older, overtaxed, or neglected systems may require a shock dosage to create a high bacterial level.
Apply ccls® according to label instructions to eliminate buildup in waste lines. ccls® septic tank treatment will remove organic solids from interior surfaces of pipes and will eliminate odors in drains. It is also safe for use in garbage disposals. Used on a regular basis, this product will help avoid buildup and odors.
Effective on pet odors, garbage bins, diaper pails, and other areas of organic odors. Dab or spray ccls® septic tank treatment full-strength on affected areas. Works fast enough that it can be used as needed. Try these:

  • A little dab of ccls® will remove grease stains.
  • ccls® is a great pre-soak for badly soiled clothing.
  • ccls® is safe and effective for disposals.
  • ccls® will remove stains from rugs and carpet such as spilled beverages, coffee, food, etc.
  • Rinse your hands with ccls® after chopping onions or garlic. It will also get rid of odors from fish, lobsters or any other food you handle.
  • Pets: If your pet gets sprayed by a skunk, dilute ccls® with water and use as a bath solution.
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