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Pump Grump, Inc. is a septic pumping company based in Foxborough, Massachusetts.
The Grump has serviced over 3,000 customers since it was founded in June of 2002.

Pump Grump’s business is focused on providing septic pumping services, and doing it well. The company’s goal is to educate the consumer, which in turn helps protect the environment.

Having been in business for many years, Pump Grump has had experience with many septic system installers, Title V inspectors, and other professionals who provide septic and related services that Pump Grump does not. If you need a referral, we will be happy to tell you about professionals with whom we’ve had good experiences. Please call us with your inquiries.

Buddy and Wendy Juergens, the owners of Pump Grump, are members of the Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce.


I was very impressed with Pump Grump when they came to pump my septic system. Being new to septic systems, I was very curious to understand just how they worked. Buddy took the time to explain everything to me. The other important factor is that when he left, you did not even know he had been there.
Joan Gagnon, Mansfield, MA
I appreciate your quick response to my septic problem and I want you to know how grateful I am. You guys are the best!
Lori-Ann Shapiro, Mansfield, MA

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Selective marketing and controlled growth prove small can be beautiful — and profitable — for Pump Grump.

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