2409, 2015

Wipes Maker Agrees To Stop Marketing Products As ‘Flushable’

© Pumper Magazine | Rules and Regs | September 2015 | By Doug Day

A manufacturer of wet wipes has agreed to stop promoting its product as flushable and will no longer claim they are safe for sewers and septic tanks until it can substantiate those claims. The proposed settlement between the Federal Trade Commission and […]

2409, 2015

Tiny Terrorists In Your Septic System

© Pumper Magazine | Septic System Answer Man | September 2015 | By Jim Anderson, Ph.D.

Septic service professionals should be strong advocates against the use of drainfield-damaging
microbeads in personal care products.

Question: Why care about something like plastic microbeads?

Answer: The starting point in any discussion about the life span and effectiveness of individual sewage treatment […]

601, 2015

Homeschooled Kids Learn From the Pump Grump

Kids Learn Environmental Lesson in Backyard
Home schooling is a growing trend. Both the parents and the children need to prepare for the new lifestyle of learning in the home. Parents will often learn material along with the child. To accomplish complete learning, families team up with each other, and video and computer courses are used […]

201, 2015

You’ll Be Happy with The Grump

Pump Grump got its start in June of 2002. Pump Grump’s owner Buddy Juergens, a life-long resident of Foxboro, chose Foxboro as the business’s base location. It seemed only natural to promote this new business that same month in the local Founders Day parade, so Pump Grump’s brand new truck was proudly driven along the […]

201, 2015

You Are What You Eat

This old saying is true. It’s true for humans, animals, and all living organisms, including the microscopic ones that live in the septic tanks. And what goes down the household drain has a big affect on how a septic tank operates. To illustrate, we refer you to some definitions straight out of Webster’s Dictionary.
“Septic Tank: […]