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About Pump Grump, Inc.

Buddy and Wendy JuergensBuddy and Wendy Juergens, residents of Foxborough, own and operate Pump Grump Inc., which was founded in 2002. This septic pumping company started with not a single customer and has since serviced more than 3000 local customers.

Pump Grump’s goal is to educate each and every customer about their septic system. For example, customers who have a brand new septic system may think they don’t need to pump it for a few years. Pump Grump will always suggest pumping a new septic system after one year to be sure all components are in place and that the system is working properly. Wendy is proud to say, “We have very few emergencies called in by customers who regularly pump their septic tanks.” “Pump Grump shares their knowledge of the septic world, explaining things that the consumer needs to know and understand to keep their septic system running tip top,” said Teresa Rizzo, owner of Office Bees in Foxborough.

Building relationships with customers is as important as educating them. We want them to feel comfortable and to feel that they have a good friend servicing their septic tank

First-time homeowners, who have no experience with septic systems, often call to ask questions that are important to them. “We are finding that first-time homeowners want to be more conscientious of the environment,” said Wendy.

Visit the list of services that the “Grump” provides at the time of pumping. It is important that the customer knows what to expect when Pump Grump or any other pumping company arrives. Pump Grump recently serviced the tank of a new customer, Stuart Wagonfeld of the Bulfinch Group, who said, “Thank you so much for the remarkable service… I know it is hard to get excited about getting your septic system pumped, but my two-year-old daughter and I enjoyed the experience. Not only did Buddy show up on time and do a first-rate job, he took the time to explain how best to maintain my system, and entertained my daughter at the same time. And just so you know, he wasn’t grumpy at all.”

“Building relationships with customers is as important as educating them.  We want them to feel comfortable and to feel that they have a good friend servicing their septic tank,” Wendy said.

Beth Fies of Dream Dinners in Plainville comments, “We’ve been working with Wendy and Buddy since opening our business almost four years ago.  Wendy and Buddy are honest, reliable and responsive; they are what make Pump Grump a good business to work with.  As members of several business networking organizations, Wendy and Buddy are supportive members of the local business community too.”

A member of the Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce, Pump Grump provides septic pumping service to the communities of Foxborough, Mansfield, Norton, Sharon, Easton, Taunton, Walpole and Wrentham.  Any questions about your septic system, its condition, proper maintenance or services will be answered by Buddy or Wendy.

“We see examples all the time of how much it costs homeowners who ignore their septic systems until they’re getting ready to sell their home,” offers Lori Rudd, a local Realtor in Foxborough.  “Regular maintenance could save you thousands of dollars in repairs and months in time lost at the time of sale.”